Saturday, April 5, 2014

Capacitive Touch Lamp

Back in December 2013 I created a capacitive touch LED lamp to bring as a gift for a White Elephant holiday party.  Since the event, I've gotten a few requests to build more of these to sell.

While I typically don't mass produce objects, I am in need to raise money to help fund a trip to China this summer, where I'll be speaking at an international 3D Printing Conference.  My plan is to build and sell a limited run of lamps to help pay for my travel expenses.

The original lamp was wired by hand on a solder bread board, and used a voltage regulator salvaged from a car phone charger.  While it worked great for a one-off unit, it would become quite tedious to build more than a few lamp circuits using this method.

For the limited run, I have re-designed this circuit to be produced as a home-etched printed circuit board.  The toner resist transfer image (pictured above) was designed in Fritzing PCB Editor.

I etched, populated and soldered the first board to check and test the circuit.  It works perfectly!  The next step will be re-designing the lamp enclosure.  These will go up for sale in May - so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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